Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now, Even I Am Impressed
I have never felt called to do portraits. I've actually shunned them, unless stick figures with loop-d-loops for hair count as portraits.
But, portraits was the direction our watercolor class was taking. (From here on out "watercolor class" will be know as "ART class," because we are branching out and I LIKE it!)
I did two drawings of a picture of Emma at home on my own. You can read about these attempts here to get you up to speed: Attempt 1 and Attempt 2. The style of drawing I employed for my initial attempts is called Kay's Crazy ContoursTM and is trademarked. Don't attempt it on your own without permission and the assistance of a hazmat team.
Thankfully, Adam helped me start another portrait in class a couple of weeks back. He had me start with proportions in mind and getting the foundation first before the details. Common sense, right? Probably so, but holding a pencil has been known to effect my IQ.
This is what the portrait looks like after last night's class. Even I am impressed with my progress, and that most always never happens. It isn't quite finished, but, barring fire or natural disaster, I think it will only improve here on out.
I hope this post serves as a testimony to the world at what an excellent teacher Mr. Adam Trest is. If he can bring this out of me, what could he do with you?

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