Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Expanding Horizons
Due to serious harassment, I was able to bully my venerable art teacher into teaching me how to do coptic stitch. He had spent one afternoon with a book and a youtube video then was pulling out all these great stitched paper wonders from his satchel and showing them to us.
My only thought: "Oh...I NEED to know how to do that!"
Coptic stitch has been around for like two forevers. Well, maybe not that long, but if you really need to know the specifics turn to the Wikipedia entry on coptic stitch. It appears some old-school Christians made this contribution to the world. I think it will balance out some of the lesser desirable bits of history by so-called Christians, like say the Spanish Inquisition.
One of coptic stitch's greatest advantages to me is that the book will lay flat when open. It is the same thing that makes spiral bound notebooks all the rage. Nobody likes writing over the hump and into the valley of the spine of a book.
With my new found knowledge, I now have a bit of swagger in my step. I whip out my first little coptic stitch creation at every opportunity and say, "See what I made!" Associates of mine appear genuinely interested. Strangers on the street sometimes are interested and sometimes just seem a little creeped out.
It doesn't bother me, though. I know how to do coptic stitch, and I know that means power.

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