Monday, May 17, 2010

They Are All Awe-Inspiring
I am so blessed to encounter so many people in my life that inspire awe. Everyone has talents and gifts, but some people really maximize those gifts to the betterment of those around them. They are the sorts of people that improve lives and add sparkle to the world. These are some folks and one or two of their gifts that just this week have inspired awe in me. They probably didn't know it at the time, but now the secret is out.
  • Emma's thoughtful ways
  • Joseph's resilience
  • Simon's happy heart
  • Evy's will
  • Kyle's omniscient knowledge of the world of literature
  • Martha's limitless possibilities
  • Chas's life stamina
  • Adam's innumerable artistic talents
  • Peige's example
  • Bev's life knowledge
  • Jan's creative and giving heart
  • Ms. Ruby's friendly nature

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