Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things Learned
  • Water tastes better out of a Tic Tac box than it does an old coffee cup.
  • Simon calls all stinging insects honey bees.
  • Strawberries are Evy's favorite fruit only under very strict environmental conditions.
  • I can trust Emma's memory better than my own.
  • Roscoe is turning out to be awesome.
  • All bets are off when you arm a kid with a water hose.
  • Most folks are happy to let someone else do it all.
  • I need to create something everyday to maintain balance.
  • Happiness is often found on the road to home.
  • Simon is developing his dad's encyclopedic knowledge of music.
  • Roscoe loves Emma.
  • Nothing makes a kid's day like an unlimited supply of bubble juice.

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