Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Magic Box
Today's thing I have put off and the thing just for fun are one in the same! Last year, I picked up this cool little overnight case at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Laurel, MS. I promptly christened it my Magic Box, and have been toting it with me everywhere I go. It is packed full of pens, paper, and journals, so I can write on the road.
I have thought several times about decorating it. Maybe decoupaging it is the answer.
Today, I decided to start with a coat of gesso. Once that dries, I will add a funky fun color. Haven't decided which one. I usually like to do projects in earth tones, but think I may challenge myself to do something bright. Maybe even neon.
I'll share with you as I progress.
While it is down and "closed for upgrades," I will miss it.
Which leads me to the thing that just has to be done...finding a substitute journaling box until the Magic Box is back in commission.

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