Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flattering Jeans
Today, I was shopping for some much needed lady jeans. I am always stealing Joseph's man jeans, and I think his generosity was running out as the holes in his shared jeans were growing.
While at J.C. Penny's, I picked up a few pair to try on with most of my hopes placed on the top pair in the stack. These jeans were advertised as "The Original Flattering Jeans."
This was going to be just the jeans I was looking for. I envisioned them telling me things like..."You look so good," "You are so smart," "You are the best driver ever," and so on. So, I tried them on last, fully prepared for the ensuing flattery.
Instead of flattery, this is what these jeans said to me: "Girl, you better put me back on the rack and go get my big sister. You ain't gonna be busting my seams trying to fit THAT in HERE."
I didn't even try with the big sister. I was afraid she would be as jaded and as honest as the little sis.
Thankfully, I was able to get me a lieing pair of Lee's jeans. If they had anything unpleasant to say, they kept it to themselves.
Whoever invented "relaxed fit," you are a genius.

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