Saturday, April 17, 2010

Call for Help
I am in need of a purse. I know. Purse shopping isn't exactly an emergency of the magnitude that requires a call for help. Usually, I would agree with that, but since I don't accessorize I am a little lost.
I know what I don't want. I don't want all those ugly purses they are selling at the mall, the shoe stores, and department stores. So, I turned to etsy to find me a stylish, but highly functional purse. I need something rugged enough for everyday and possibly several year's worth of wear. It needs to accommodate my stuff, although it won't have to contend with the 63 writing pens that line the bottom of my current bag.
Since I am really into owls, I would like something embellished with an owl. Thankfully, it looks like there are lots of creative purse makers out there with a love of owls too. After looking at over 1,500 different owl purses, I now present to you my narrowed down choices.
Help me choose the purse for me by e-mailing me or posting a comment below.


Joseph said...

I like the first one, Denim Full Moon Forest. But I don't carry purses, so I'm not sure how much stock one should put into my advice. ;-)

Uptimekid said...

I was going to contribute to the effort of finding you a new owl-themed purse but the Google results for "purse hooters" didn't return