Sunday, May 03, 2009

Potting Bench
My lovely husband bought me a good and proper potting bench several years ago.  Fancy wouldn't be too much of a word to use to describe it.  But, I cannot bare to bring it out on the porch and let it endure the elements.  So, I concocted this little potting bench on my own.
My favorite building material is cinder block.  Either I didn't get enough of playing with blocks when I was a kid or not nearly enough.  I love using cinder blocks to make a compost pile, a raised bed, legs for my plant display benches..and now a potting bench!  
The top is a wire grate from an old chick incubator.  I set my potting bench up in the corner of the back porch in the most protected shady part of the patio.  I use the garbage can to hold my potting soil.  It keeps it dry and ant free.  There are a few spare clay pots stacked nearby so they are at the ready for a quick potting job.  You never know when there may be a potting emergency.
The grating and its proximity to the wall make it easy to clean up after potting.  I can wash it all down with a water hose and keep the back porch tidy.
If you like potted plants and don't already have a bench, I encourage you to "build" you one today.  Every piece of it was salvaged!  

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