Monday, May 04, 2009

Create and Share Journal:  Text Overstamping
This is definetly not a Kay Original.  However, I just have discovered how fun and effective it is to do.  Use any stamp with substantial negative space and stamp over some text.  It adds dimension and additional interest to an image.  Think of all the possibilities!  
I am a book lover, and have found it very hard to overcome my book reverence and tear up a book.  But, I also know tons of old books go through my local thrift store alone.  There are volumes and volumes of old encyclopedias that no one wants.  Give them a new use and yank some pages to create something fun.
As a two-for-one offer, this page has another technique on it.  I took a coin envelope and stamped a swirly on it.  I then cut along the swirly to make a pocket.  Inside the pocket, I stuck several images I had made by overstamping text as a sampling of the featured technique.  I am excited about this little half-envie idea.  I think it will be a fun way to include ATCs on a page in another book I am planning to do.

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Scrapmaniac said...

I am so glad I rcvd this page. Awesome technique and ideas. Thanks, Kay