Saturday, June 12, 2010

Smoochy Movie
I am not a romance movie fan. When the night gets lonely, who do I turn to? My little black book contains Aliens, The Matrix, or Conan the Barbarian. This established trend means my movie watching buddies are in luck. When the horde starts chanting Watchman or Quantum of Solace, I'm already set on GO.
But, I've noticed that all the testosterone laden movie action has been having an affect on me. First off, my voice has dropped an octave. I also find I have an urge to spit after telling a good joke. I am wary that the next step will be hair on my chest or adjusting my crotch while telling a tale. So, I've decided to concoct an antidote.
My formula is simple. Next movie night, the _Guys_ are going to watch something girly. Since I have an extremely short list of what constitutes a good romance movie, the pickings are slim. To choose from, we have Say Anything, Ten Things I Hate about You, and A Walk in the Clouds. Honestly, those are the only three movies I could think of that had a sweetie theme and were memorable enough to make it to the forefront of my brain. Since the opportunity to entertain my estrogenic beginnings may never happen again, I don't want to be disappointed in the viewing choice. Watching something I've not yet seen and approved makes me nervous.
So, I am calling on all you helpful folks in Webdom. Suggest something gooooood.

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