Friday, June 11, 2010

New Toy
Grownups can have toys, too, right? Well, I am the proud owner of a brand new Fuji instax mini 7s camera. Remember the Polaroids of old? This is a new fangled replacement.
I chose the mini format because I think this is going to be excellent for my journaling adventures. The pictures are about the size of a credit card. I take a picture and pop it directly into my journal while on the go. The per photo price is a little pricey. You pay for convenience, of course.
After one use, I cannot imagine how any modern device could be easier to use. Fuji and Apple need to partner up. They apparently have a keen sense of how to make technology easy. The battery and film compartments are super easy access and everything is clearly marked.
Little thought is required. You only have to make two decisions: Off/On and current lighting conditions.
The only downside might be its bulk. It is certainly smaller than the Polaroid instant cameras, but feels huge when you are used to a camera phone or a pocket camera.
I am so looking forward to big fun with my new toy!

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