Saturday, May 08, 2010

Too Much TV
Our family doesn't watch a lot of TV. It doesn't even come on during the day. But, the kids do get a dose of the Tube when we visit GP Ray. If you have ever been to a Grandpa's house, you know it can be a decadent paradise for the second generation progeny. Hotdogs, cookies, and Sponge Bob are examples of typical fare.
But, even at this low dose of TV, I think my kids may be getting too much. Here are a few cases in point:
  • Evy can and does recognize every sparkly shoe and princess accessory advertised on TV.
  • There is a medical supply store in Laurel that has all these medical aid devices painted on the side of their building. Every time we pass the medical supply store, Simon exclaims, "They have my power chair!"
  • Emma seemed genuinely surprised today when I told her there is no such thing as a time machine.

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