Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pass It On
So, Joseph most kindly takes the van into work one day to get an annoying door lock thing-a-rator fixed. This leaves the kids and I with The Car. *angelic refrain*
This particular day, I had to take all the kids into the doctor for allergies. The pollen was reeking havoc on all our head orifices and giving our lungs a good roughing up as well.
While waiting for the pharmacy to fill our prescriptions, we all rode over to Lee's for culinary delights. As I was packing the kids in the back of the car upon our departure, I set our to-go tea cups on the top of the car.
It was one of our first hot days of the year, so as the kids buckled up, I plopped down in the driver's seat to crank the car and open the windows. The kids recently discovered that the sun roof opens on Daddy's car, so I was immediately inundated with requests to "open the roof." Without thinking, I complied.
Almost immediately, I was conked in the head and sprayed with a sweet, but icy cold liquid. One of the kids' teas that I had just sat on the roof had fallen through the open sunroof.
"Oh, NO, Momma! You spilt tea in Daddy's car!!" Emma panicked. Emma was right to panic. Spilling something in Joseph's car is right up there with vomiting on the Mona Lisa. It isn't really something that should be done, much less something you personally want to take credit for.
To understand the significance of this car, you will need a little back story. This particular car Joseph received as a gift. It was his Fairwell to Irresponsibility present. He got it two months before Emma was born. (By the way, being pregnant and waddling doesn't give you much bargaining power on the car lot.)
We aren't a car buying family. When we finally buy, we want to get something good that will last. We hope that one day, with care, it can be Emma's first car. Keeping it clean and in good shape is one of Joseph's top priorities.
To return to the current story of averting tragedy, as soon as my eyes were able to focus after my blow to the head, I fumbled around for a tiny eternity searching for the offending cup which was undoubtedly spilling the rest of its contents in a secretive nook of Joseph's car.
I finally found it behind the driver's seat lying in a sweet, sticky pool on the floor.
Good news is the car is now clean. Floor mats are washed and even the seats and dash are wiped down. Joseph is so happy and thinks his car looks great. Now, we are one day closer to passing it nearly stain free on to Emma.

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