Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Sampling of Things that Made Today Extraordinary
  • The 3rd cough free night in a row. (Is that a light up ahead?)
  • Woke up to a sweet email from my Sweetie. (This is why God created email.)
  • Joseph took out the garbage. (Rugged.)
  • I preformed no less than 3 successful gizzard operations today. (All patients are alive and well.)
  • Eating ice cream and watching the trains go by. (Small towns got it going on.)
  • My red shoes matching my outfit. (They often don't.)
  • A checklist with lots of red checks on it. (Sometimes seeing red is a good thing.)
  • A homemade moonlight breakfast. (Everything tastes better with cheese.)
  • Starting a new journal. (I am overdue.)
  • Only one load of laundry today. (I'm not sure how that happened.)
  • Joseph as a human shield to the craft room. (Brave.)

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