Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anything Important Can Be Done in Sandersville
The kids and I needed to run errands today. I had a check-list that needed some attention. I decided to get it all checked off in Sandersville.
First we dropped off the car at Sandersville Auto Parts for an oil change. Joseph will think we are simply glorious when he sees that new oil sticker on his windshield.
We then walked over to Bob's Grocery and got ice cream all around. Up the street we went to sit in front of Redneck Corner on their sidewalk bench. We waved at several trains as they went by and chased ice cream dribbles down our hands and arms.
Evy found an unfortunate butterfly in the parking lot. He had a broken wing, but she and Emma tried to give him a little TLC and lots of encouragement. Evy satisfied herself that the butterfly would be able to fly again once the wind picked up.
We headed back up the street and stopped in to see Mr. Tony at the Post Office. I have two packages that are overdue for mailing and needed some postage. Twenty-five 50 cent postage stamps later, I emerged from the post office a happy lady.
Then we were back into Bob's for real groceries. We had a short chat with Ms. Nancy and caught up on the short folks in her life. Ran into Ms. Reba who is currently a little orphan bird's new momma.
We checked on the car, which wasn't quite ready, but saw Ms. Marie. She was smiling and happy as always. Then, Ms. Pat came in. Got a great hug and then went around the corner to Sam's Restaraunt. It is simply improper to visit Sandersville without getting a Sam's Burger. After all, they are the best burgers around.
With car done, we picked up gas, diesel, and made our run through the bank. Then it was off to GP's.
Each item on my checklist now has a neat little red check by it. Plus, I got lots of bonuses along the way. Thanks Sandersville for being there.

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