Friday, May 21, 2010

Quotes of the Day

I was discussing the new workout routine and the accompanying achey parts with my dad. As I sit down on his couch, I wince.
My dad says: "Now you know how your Daddy feels when he sits down."
My reply: "I'm trying to get a head start on being old."

After a lengthy, laugh fest between Evy and Simon using twin-speak and copious silliness, Emma says: "We got to teach Simon and Evy to say real words."

After a fun outing with the kids and returning home way past bedtime, I say: "Let's not loose it here at the end. Lose it or loose it either one."

Me to Emma: "If your daddy tries to give you a hard time, just wiggle that remaining front tooth in front of him."
Joseph to Emma: "Don't do that. I'll faint."

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