Tuesday, May 04, 2010

  • Lazy start to the day. (I'm loving this trend.)
  • Read stories. (Put Me in the Zoo? I may be already there!)
  • Paid bills. (Verizon you are insatiable.)
  • Moved goats. (It is too early in the year for you guys to become picky eaters.)
  • Breakfast picnic. (It was more fun than it looks.)
  • Spider round-up. (The webs, the pest-control, the power-to-size ratio...the perfect creature?)
  • Fed the fish. (Stale waffles have never been so thoroughly appreciated.)
  • Planted plants. (Two tomato plants and three pepper plants can a garden make.)
  • Piled limbs. (Another ditch is ready for mowing.)
  • Blew bubbles. (Afterall, it needs to be done at least once a day.)
  • Washed clothes. (I have nothing polite to say here.)
  • Washed kids. (My gift to the world today is clean kids.)

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