Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear Momma,
I miss you very much. Lots has happened since you went away. I graduated high school and college. When I left, both said I was smart.
While at college, I married Joseph. You'd be impressed.
We have three kids. All of them are extra special, and sometimes I can see bits of you in them.
I don't think I have missed you as much as since I have had the little ones. There is about a million things I would like to ask you about.
Emma, the oldest, asks about you quite often. I tell her bits about you. I think you two would have really been a pair.
We all see Daddy everyday. He really enjoys the grandbabies, but I know he still misses you, too.
Since you have left, I have learned so much. I continue to write and have gotten into art. I have encountered so many things that I know you would have enjoyed.
I sometimes imagine your happy days in Paradise. I am looking forward to seeing you again, but I got lots yet to do here. So, it will still be a while before that day.
Until then, know you are loved and missed.
Your Pete

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