Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scavenger Hunt
I decided to do a scavenger hunt with the kids this evening. I gave them paper bags to put their finds in and sent them off. Some of their clues included:
  • a heart shaped leaf
  • a pink flower
  • something you can eat
  • a fig leaf
  • a piece of quartz
  • a oak leaf
  • a sweet gum ball
  • an eggshell
They had so much fun, I finally had to just stop. It is a big back yard, but I was running out of imagination. As we concluded, Emma proposed something new for next time. She said, "Momma, I know how to make this a real treat for you. Next time, write down the clues, and I will sound them out."
Will do, Emma!
Since everyone won the scavenger hunt, we pulled out bubble juice as prizes. Now, both bubbles and laughter are drifting in through the back door.

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