Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How come....
How come my kids think I am kidding when I say things like:
  • "If you don't get into the shower, I am going to sic a wild boar on you."
  • "You are about to be sent to a special school."
  • "You are so stinky that I can smell you from here."
  • "Some things in this house belong to momma."
  • "My first batch of kids didn't listen, either. Do you see them around here anywhere?"
  • "Drinking pond water will stunt your growth."
  • "Being short and cute doesn't mean you cannot get into trouble."
  • "Put that down. I know what you are thinking."
  • "Rules apply even if momma cannot see you."
These and other utterances are met with explosive laughter by Those Who Walk with Short Strides. I'm not laughing.
Well, maybe I am smirking a little.

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