Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Morning's Checklist
  • Slept late. (A miracle.)
  • Lollygagged in the bed. (A blessing.)
  • Home church. (Daniel, you are my hero.)
  • Waffles made. (Simon has yet to beat his standing record: 6!)
  • Home school. (All syrup words today.)
  • Fed snails to the crawfish. (Sorry, Evy. It's the way of nature.)
  • Moved the goats. (Weeds are growing. Eat faster!)
  • Watered potted plants. (Goats, don't eat these.)
  • Washed clothes. (Gain, don't let me down.)
  • Butterfiles in progress. (Watercolor teaches patience.)
  • Lunch with Grandpa. (How do you "devil" food?)

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