Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mayhaw Jelly Magic
One of our favorite jellies is some Mayhaw jelly made by a local gent.  We always keep some in stock, as I cannot fathom what sort of chaos would occur if we ever ran out.
Joseph was making the kids PB and J sandwiches the other day.  Emma noticed right away that there was almost no jelly left in the jar.  Panic started stirring at the dinner table.
The kids were discussing the nearing tragedy when Joseph pulled another jar from the cabinet and put behind his back.  He waved his free hand over the empty jar several times with much flair and uttered a magical encantation.  
Then, he switched the jars.  The kids were semi-distracted and did not see the actual switch.  They were amazed when they realized the jar sitting before them was now full.
Joseph was very proud of himself, as was I.  The kids are convinced that their dad knows enough magic to summon a full jelly jar.  They may take him on tour.  

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