Monday, April 06, 2009

Create and Share Journal
I am bottomless well of project ideas.  My latest is a "Create and Share Journal."  I chose a 6" by 6" format to make it a standard size.  It seems a good size for a sharing project.  It isn't so big to seem overwhelming to fill, but large enough to communicate something useful.   The project officially starts April 15th on Snagging Stampers.  But, who can wait?
The topics of this journal project are chosen individually by the participants, but all the entries have to have something to do with crafting.  Anything from a "dear diary" type entry where you talk about what you did that day in your craft space to a sample project with a how-to. 
I think everyone that participates is going to have fun.
I will be sharing pages here on the blog as I complete them.  So, even if you aren't officially participating, you can follow along.  Maybe it will inspire you to do something like this for yourself!  Of course, you are always welcome to join us at Snagging Stampers to get in on some shared fun.

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