Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gel Medium
I have been experimenting with gel medium ever since Jan sent me some journal pages that had some gel medium on it.  Then, Martha goes and takes a class where they talk about all sorts of mediums, and I get totally blown away.
So, now I have irradescent medium, gloss gel medium, and glass bead medium.  The first two I have used with great success!  The gel medium gives everything a richer color, like it is wet.
No, I haven't tried to do any fancy techniques with it like transfers or anything.  But, I do plan to.  For now, I am using the gel and irradescent medium like paint or collage glue.  
One thing I did learn, though.  The gel medium dries so slow that I don't know how successful I will be using it in my journaling adventures.  Even after pre-drying it with a heat gun and letting it sit for an hour, it was somewhat tacky.  Although, it wasn't tacky enough that I noticed it by touching it with my finger.  When I did notice was when I went to open my journal and the pages were stuck together and the gel medium page tore an image on the facing page as I tried to seperate the two.
If I can be very patient, I should be able to use it in my journal.  Maybe next time, I will do my musings on another page with the gel medium and just glue it in my journal.

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