Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Project
Just call me the Project Queen.  Oh, and don't forget to bow when you say it.  
My latest endeavor is to make a book about things I wish to always remember.  Just a smattering of stories and experiences from my life that I can read and find of interest when I am old and doddering about and cannot remember my own name.
Somehow, my powers of persuasion overwhelmed a few of my associates and they have found themselves wrangled into my wonderous web of reflection.  Once we finish our books, we plan to swap them around to share our creations, with our own books ultimately coming back to us.
The genesis of this project came from a previous project I did.  I made a small book of 100 things that make me happy.  It was such a fun book to make.  It turned out to be so meaningful to me that I was unable to part with it, as was the original plan.  Although, I have shared it with some close friends to view, it was so special to me, I plan to keep it.  I would do well to read it each morning before even leaving the bed.  It has been very inspirational to me.
I have only started my new book, but I wanted to share a page that I have prepped for an entry.  Just a few very simple stampings, but I think it is just enough to really make the page pretty.

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MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello Kay! Welcome to the land of Blogger! What an interesting idea to do a journal so when we become old and daft we will remember how we got there! I only wish I would have thought of doing a day by day diary when Dennis and I got married. We have had such a fine life together but I do wish I would have captured more of the fun on paper not just inside of my heart.
I have added you to my sidebar on my artblog and Miss Peach my cat has a blog of her own. She has more friends than I do....sigh....
Stop over and meet her sometime. You can see the link to my sketchbook blog on her profile page.
Keep creating fun things....Karla