Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning Walk
One of my favorite times with the kids is our walk through the woods.  We really haven't done it much since Winter set in...too cold, too wet, or too sick.  With are tastes of Spring-like weather, we've resumed our outings.
This morning, we took Po our dog with us.  Emma insisted that she take a pic of Po in the pond.  I think she did very well.
Everyone wanted to be in a picture.  No one more so than Simon.  He loves the camera.  I got lots of close ups of him.
Emma learned to identify huckleberry bushes today.  She had learned about "blueberry trees" on Dora.  I am not endeared to Dora or Diego because of their weird mix of mythology and fact.  I told her blueberries grow on bushes, not trees.  So, when we started our walk today, I saw a huckleberry bush blooming by the gate.  I pointed it out to Emma and told her that was a wild blueberry bush.  
During the duration of our walk, she pointed out no less than three other huckleberry bushes.  It's amazing how quickly she learns.
Evy is a collector of mushrooms.  My mushroom knowledge is very little.  Maybe one day she will teach me about them.

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Joseph said...

Those are great pictures of the kids. I especially like the one of Evy with her mushrooms.