Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Snake Day
I'll admit it. I love snakes. I have been very blessed to not be burdened by any of the traditional girl phobias..snakes, frogs, lizards, or spiders. Several young men have been deeply disappointed to see my reaction to an aforementioned creature thrust in my face: "Oh! Let me see!"
When Joseph and I were dating, his friend called me a "keeper" when I hand caught a chicken snake while it was stealing eggs from our chicken house.
These days, Joseph considers it a good day when I don't go lumbering off into the brush looking for the snake that the mocking birds are harassing.
Hearing about Snake Day at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science got me really excited. I had never been. I deemed today a day of adventure and took the two smallest squirts with me to Snake Day.
The speaker Bryan Fedrick was great! He was really good at keeping the info simple and straight forward. He kept the kids participating. At the end, the kids were allowed to file through and touch various non-venomonous snakes of MS.
Simon and Evy loved it, as did I.
Snake Day was well worth the 5 hours in the car, the endless renditions of the Teen Titans theme song, and the subsequent twitch I developed in my left eye.

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