Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happiness in My Mailbox
Today started out a little iffy. It could have went either way, being a spectacular day or just a ho-hum one. Thanks to my super talented friend Martha, it has been decided. It is going to be a spectacular one.
I had snagged these lovely handmade tags of hers. They are simply wonderful. I'll be using them to spruce up and make special some later creations of mine. But, these tags weren't all. Guess who else was in my package? Owlie! Isn't he the cutest little stuffie??? As far as I know, it is her first stuffie. Martha, I think you have found another medium.
He's got a little pocket in his back for secrets, inspiring dreams, and the search for truth. How thoughtful a gift is that?!
Thank you, Martha, for making my day. I'm happy, happy, happy.

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