Thursday, April 01, 2010

First Slithery Visitor of the Year
While cleaning up around the patio, I found this beauty amongst the leaves. It took me a while to catch him. Have you ever seen a snake disappear into a pile of leaves? It is chilling how quickly they camouflage, and you loose them.
I don't know what kind he is. I am hoping that he is non-venomous. I am guessing a chicken/rat snake. We have lots of those around here. Juveniles can look so different from their parents, so I cannot really say.
We put him in this little garbage can to do a photo op. The can bottom is about one foot across to give you some sense of scale.
After his abbreviated modeling career, we released him in the woods a long ways from the house.
If you know this guy's pedigree, please let me know.

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