Monday, April 12, 2010

Deed vs. Breed
I was stopped behind this vehicle at a red light with no camera handy. The selection of decals on the back glass would have made a great picture, but, since I wasn't fast enough, you'll just have to picture it in your mind.
On the driver's side, there was the little stick figure decals of the family members, which included a daddy and big blank space where the momma would have went, a boy, a girl, and three dogs.
On the passenger's side, there was a graphic of a bulldog's head and the words "Punish the deed and not the breed."
It occurred to me that the empty space where the momma stick figure should have been might have something to do with the "deed and not the breed" motto. Was stick figure momma eaten by one or more of those stick figure doggies? How did this translate to real life?
With a change of the light, the remaining family members were gone, and I was only left with my conjectures and a smirk.

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