Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bunny Surprise
A few days before Simon's and Evy's birthday, I made the last minute decision to get the kids some precious handmade bunnies from the good folks at HeLLo dEaRie. Since we were getting the kids new sleeping bags for their birthdays to take on our vacation, I thought tucking the bunnies inside the rolled up sleeping bags would make a nice surprise once we got to the hotel.
It was just a few days before Easter....bunny rush season. Did this rattle the folks at HeLLo dEaRie? Not one bit! These folks work great under pressure.
The bunny surprise pulled off without a hitch. The kids have really been enjoying them! They were a welcome addition on our travels and provided lots of creative fun for the kids. In the picture, you can see Simon's and Evy's bunnies in the midst of a raucousy conversation before bed.

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