Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Dreamer Paper Doll
I am really running with this paper doll thing.  Ever since the paper doll contest started on Snagging Stampers, I have been cutting out little bodies and decorating them up.
This is my latest creation.  She has been cut out for a while.  I never could find the right background to put her on.  I really wanted a dark background that would make her pop.  But, after several attempts, I decided to put her on the front of this altered book.  
She is equally fun and funky.  
Her face is made out of Sculpey clay from a mold I have.  I painted it with metalic paints.  Her skirt is stamped and embossed leaves that I further painted gold.  Her belt is a floral sticker.  Her crown is a filigree jewelry finding.  Her shoes are cut out of some paisley stickers I had laying about.
Of course, her hair is some twisted fibers.  I considered making her braids, but braids didn't really seem to be her style.
I also made her a little necklace out of some seed beads along a piece of metallic embroidery thread.
There are a bazillion paper doll templates out there on the net to try.  You don't need a template, though.  You can make your own.  If you haven't put yourself together a paper doll yet, try it now! 

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Mrs.B said...

Very, very cool. I haven't played with my paper dolls in awhile. I can see I'm going to have to get them out. Thanks for the inspiration.