Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amy's Journal:  My Contributions
Here are the pages I contributed to Amy's Journal.  I hope she enjoys receiving them as much as I enjoyed making them.  
I have been doodling alot lately.  So, it was only natural to include a doodle page.
This is one of two recipe cards I included.  I love simple and delicious recipes.  I like cooking, but I don't like cooking alot.  I like eating alot.  :)  So, these two recipes minimize cooking and maximize eating enjoyment.
The "only look dead" was actually a quote I had originally clipped for a scary story zine I am working on.  But, something about the haunting looks of these vintage ladies seemed to fit the quote.
The Valentine page was paint experiment.  I am just learning how to combine different color ephemera by blending them by using paint.
"Inspire" contains a personal note on the back about how I have been inspired by the group that Amy owns on Yahoo!
I think I am most proud of the "dear friend" pink page.  There are several elements that are my originals.  I recently met Amy's best friend in person, even though I have never met Amy herself in person.  The "dear friend" page is a tribute to her and her best friend.
I have been forcing myself to do stuff outside my comfort zone.  This page was a result of a challenge I imposed upon myself.  I told myself to turn to a random page in a Somerset publication and emulate something on that page.  This was the result.  It was fun!
All the pages have personal inscriptions on the back.   The whole process has been so rewarding.  

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