Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoe Art
I found these paper mache shoes on clearance for 50 cents each. Now that 
is a bargain!  I love doing swaps and little crafty gifts and thought these shoes decorated would make great containers for all sorts of small craft goodies to share.
I decorated this one with my craft buddy Martha in mind.  It has images that reflect things we have in common and our individual interests.  The angel-in-a-heart embellishment on the lid I made from UTEE, a bit of clip art, and some micro beads.  I laid the beads and trimmed clipart in the bottom of a silicon heart-shaped petifore baking pan.  I poured a bit of melted UTEE on top and voila!  I made a bunch of these little heart-shaped embellishments.  They are fun. 
Inside the lid is a "mirror" made of UTEE.  There are no pictures of that little jewel here as that surprise is left for the recipient.  
I then filled the decorated shoe with various fun craft goodies and sent it on to its new home.  I hope she delights in it as much as I delighted in making it.

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Shelly said...

What a beauty, Kay! I predict that Martha will take great delight in it.