Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kuru Cardinal
Yesterday morning we awoke to something attacking our bathroom window.  I soon discovered it was a cardinal flying into the glass.  I put a large, multi-colored gift bag over the window to discourage him.  I thought he might be fighting with his reflection.
He then flies around the house and starts hitting our bedroom window.  I move the curtains and turn on the lights, all in an effort to get him to go.  
We leave around lunch and when we get back that evening, he is still flying into the window.
When it gets dark, he goes off to roost.
Guess who was at our window first light this morning.  
I once felt pity for him.  Now, I just want him to go away. 
Joseph must have had developed my same sentiment, because he got out of bed and went and got his air rifle.  Sadly, the air rifle of his youth has seen better days and was unable to help him carry out the sentence of natural selection he bestowed upon this deviant member of class Aves.
Right now, I hear the window.

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