Thursday, April 16, 2009

Create and Share Journal:  Recycled Envie
I admit it.  I am a pack rat.  I keep all sorts of stuff with the thought of reusing it at a later time.  I have been combatting this tendency over the last few years.  I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff and my life has been much improved over it.
But, it appears the last hold out for my pack rat self is the craft room.  With every wee bit of paper, I can see possibilities.  But, I have been being tough on  myself.  I don't want my craft room to be (even more) over run by clutter.
But, looky here!  This was a manilla envelope someone sent me some goodies in through the mail.  I cut it down and ripped it a bit to make it into a pocket.  After adding a little decoration, I stuffed in a sampling of things that littered my desk and now it is going to someone else as part of their journal.
It's a new use for something that ordinary people would throw away.  The good news is I didn't save it.  I did my idea right away and got the satisfaction of giving something a new life.  Plus, my desk is a bit cleaner!

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