Tuesday, March 03, 2009

1,000 Artist Journal Pages:  Personal Pages and Inspirations
I treasure my art books.  This book is no doubt within my Top Ten art books I own.
This book is not a how-to.  It is a collection of a very diverse selection of pages from people from all sorts of backgrounds.   All sorts of styles and techniques are used.  More than you can imagine, without the aid of this book.
It certainly expanded my world on ways for personal expression.  From detailed drawings and water color to doodles and collage, you will get all sorts of creative inspiration to fuel you.  
Each artist's name and location are placed near the journal.  It is very interesting to see all the populations that are part of this book.
Some artist's work had special appeal to me.  Here is a sampling of those.
Adolfo Serra (Spain, p. 26), Andrew M. Wilson (US, p. 40), Anastasia Beltyukova (Russia, p. 99), Ingrid Dijkers (US, p. 141), and Teesha Moore (US, p. 239).  All of these artist's had something about their style that appealed to me.  Although, I don't recall many, if any artists, that I could not appreciate something about their work.
This is one of the best things about journaling.  I consider it something I do for myself and not for the appreciation of others.  I do hope that one day my children can look back through my journals and glean some enjoyment from them.  But, ultimately, it is a little bit of my soul pouring out on paper.  Wether it is messy or a visual delight, it has served an important purpose to me.   And, it is not required to live up to anyone else's expectations of what a journal or art or myself should be.

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Farmer Martha said...

I wonder if this book is related to the 1000 ATC's - I've considered buying that one