Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Passion:  Journaling
I am obsessed with journaling.  I have been enjoying paper crafts for about four years now, but about a year ago, I saw some art journals.  Boy!  Everything just clicked for me.  I have never religiously kept a diary, but I do enjoy writing...letters to friends, emails, and writing just for the sake of writing.  
Journaling seems to be the perfect fit for me.  I feel free to do whatever I please in a journal.  Some pages are jammed with words, some only images, some doodles.  I write about whatever I am inspired about at the time.
With three small tots running about, I seldom have the time to sit down and do anything to completion.  Even a scrapbook page seems a monumental task, taking days to complete.  But, the interruptions of the day don't seem so bothersome when I am in my journal.  I can write for 5 minutes or and hour, whatever time is allowed.  It is portable, so it goes most everywhere with me.  The only accessory it demands is a pen.
When the a glorious stint in the craft room presents itself, I can spend more time being artsy and exploring any artsy inclination I have had.
I find I jump around in my journal:  a diary type entry here, an art journal style page there, a page o'doodles over yonder.  I don't set explicit rules for my journal.  The constriction of a traditional diary of every page being a sequential rehashing of each day's events turned keeping a diary into a chore.
Now, I look forward to time alone with my express, create, and record.

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